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May 16, 2012

Tie-in arrangements help to alleviate marketing costs for promotional campaigns, and can also be extremely beneficial to your local advertisers. Providing your clients with this information is a way to strengthen your client relationships and improve your value as a knowledgeable sales rep. Tie-in arrangements involve partnerships, so not only are you offering a valuable business strategy to current clients, you may have the chance to work with new clients. An example of a beneficial tie-in arrangement would be a coffee shop and a bookstore working together to offer a discount on books with the purchase of coffee.

July 1, 2011

Cooperative advertising, or co-op advertising, is a partnership between the manufacturer and a local dealership, where the manufacturer shares the cost of locally placed advertising with the dealership. Many manufacturers have an allocated budget for this type of advertising, which is available each year to dealerships that participate and comply with their specific marketing requirements. These requirements usually dictate the use of logos and messages. Help your local dealerships see the benefits of co-op advertising, and the complaint of not having enough advertising budget goes away.