Business information written specifically for newspaper advertising departments

As a leader, you are responsible for  the well-being of your representatives.
If you have a struggling rep, its not uncommon that a director or manager decides to just forgo the struggle and let the rep go without “wasting everyone’s time” to train them in a method that would work uniquely. 

If you have a sales rep come to you saying they’re in jeopardy of missing quota, again, take the opportunity to lend a helping hand. Don’t turn your back on your rep, try these tips to help them gain confidence, achieve success and generate revenue.   

Employee recognition programs are a time-honored tradition in the business world, but they are often “unrewarding.” They can come across as empty gestures, merely ploys to make employees feel appreciated. Here are a few areas where recognition programs seem to go wrong.

In an e-mail conversation abut the state of classified revenues these days, a publisher recently asked me, “Do you have any magic potions, elixirs or voodoo that you can send our way?”  Well, now, I did marry into a Cajun family. So, while I could ask my Mother-in-law to throw some chicken bones for the industry or something, I feel a more practical approach is called for.

Every organization has two forms of communication systems. One, a formal network that provides information made up of memos, reports, meetings and such. And two, there is the grapevine — that unformulated, omniscient network of the “truth” in the company. The prior is highly structured and has very little room for change. The grapevine, on the other hand, is undocumented, less permanent and open for interpretation.

I was talking to Vic about the challenges of selling frequency. “In today’s economy, advertisers are looking for ways to trim costs,” he said. “Frequency is one of the first places they look. No matter how many ads they have run within the past year–a hundred or a dozen–they are putting everything under the microscope.”