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The holiday season is the perfect time for classified advertisers to bring in added revenue and create increased readership. Celebrate with the community by developing events and special sections. While I understand it’s budget-cutting time, don’t be too stingy with your publications. People home on holiday vacation finally have the time to sit down and read through the classified section, encourage them with special sections, advertorials and interactivity to see an increase in readership throughout the year. Use this season to reinvent the concept of classified advertising in your marketplace. And, while the readers have time to peruse the section, you’re able to pursue a positive impression that will last all year.

Let’s face it. Recruitment advertising is lower than it has been in years. This once booming vertical is making you lose sleep. You have less reps selling recruitment and your current strategies aren’t working. But here we come to save the day! In the Brainworks-sponsored webinar, Janet DeGeorge outlined the critical steps you need to take to Getting Back Your Recruitment Advertising.

Day one of the 61 Annual WCAA Conference concluded with Getting Social, a panel of industry experts sharing their strategies for monetizing social media. First and foremost, get on Facebook. There was unanimous agreement among the panelist and audience members that every sales rep should have a Facebook presence that is professional. Many encouraged having a separate Facebook account for strictly business purposes, even though this goes against Facebook regulations. The panel went on to showcase how to use social media as a sales tool as well as how advertisers should be using it and how newspapers can monetize it.

Create unique events with your advertisers that celebrate both popular and the obscure holidays this month using our Business Building Calendar! These “special days” can produce limitless revenue, that in the past may have been overlooked.

Create unique events with your advertisers that celebrate both popular and the obscure holidays this month using our Business Building Calendar! These “special days” can produce limitless revenue, that in the past may have been overlooked.

Over the last few years, we’ve seen a rise in the foodie demographic. From the growing popularity of cooking shows like Top Chef, celebrity chefs, specialty dining (gourmet restaurants, farm-to-table, food trucks, buy local, etc.), it’s hard to deny — everyone is a bit epicurious these days. And let’s face it — everyone has to eat! We’ve decided to focus on foodies this month because it’s almost November, a month focused on one big meal. So to get your mouth watering, let’s talk about food.

November kicks off the official holiday season. With holidays like Veteran’s Day in mid-November and Thanksgiving (which of course leads to Black Friday) closing out the month, the opportunities for classified advertising sales are endless. This year, take a look at ideas for both subdued and traditional holidays alike.

With October officially marking National Breast Cancer Awareness Month and November is National Diabetes Month, National Alzheimer’s Disease Awareness Month and National AIDS Awareness Month, now is the ideal time to create a health guide for your community. Currently, Metroland Media Group in Canada is jointly producing a well-being magazine supporting the newspaper and healthcare awareness with a regional healthcare foundation. Your guide does not have to be a full magazine, but it should recognize the issues immediately facing your community.

Recruitment advertising will never be as it once was. Through the dramatic and continual change in the recruitment sales culture, classified sales reps and managers are being forced into creating their own lateral advertising opportunities within the vertical. It is now necessary to look at alternative ways to increase revenues from a decreased space.

Commencing the recruitment breakout sessions, Joe Shaker Jr., Vice President of Shaker Recruitment Consultants, explained the ins and outs of virtual career fairs. Shaker Jr. gave audience members some hard and fast rules for holding their own virtual event.

Attracting the right readers with quality headlines and titles help both the advertiser and the newspaper as they seek to increase revenue in the slowly recovering recruitment vertical. It’s time to regain control of the vertical, and designing appropriate advertising that brings results will create additional revenue opportunities for your department. Using attractive logos, extensive benefit packages, flexible schedules and compelling headlines all should be used when attempting to make an impact on job candidates. These factors will affect how many people will read (rather than skim) and reply to the post.

The automotive advertising vertical has always been one of newspaper’s strongest revenue generating categories. But with today’s competitive landscape, automotive profits are dwindling and this once robust assemblage is becoming increasingly volatile. In one of the most intriguing break out sessions of the week, Bryan Gilbert explained tested methods to regain your market share and increase your newspaper’s automotive revenue.

Breast cancer is the second leading cause of cancer deaths among women, behind only lung cancer. As reported by the American Cancer Society, of the 271,520 estimated cancer deaths among women in 2011, at least 15 percent will be due to breast cancer. In accordance to the American Cancer Society, mortality rates are largely based on the availability of early detection. This October, bring awareness to the importance of early detection and increase your community’s survival rates by teaching methods of prevention and partnering in donation for treatment.

Every October the nation turns pink; we don pink ribbons, buy pink-hued products and support local charity run/walks with pink logos. Has this made a difference? Absolutely. Some $6 billion a year is committed to breast cancer research and awareness campaigns, and finally we’re starting to win the war against breast cancer. “The progress we’ve made over the last 20 years has changed the face of the disease for American women,” says Freya Schnabel MD, director of breast surgery at NYU Langone Medical Center, as reported in Health Magazine. “We can find it earlier, treat it more effectively, reduce recurrence and enhance survival.” And, while it’s obtained these vital resources to search for a cure, the capital-friendly disease has become a gold mine for pink profiteers. Is there a way newspaper classified advertising departments can mend the two aspects of the Think Pink phenomena to become community do-gooders with a side of advertising savoir-faire? You bet! Try communicating with your local hospitals and creating events, sponsorships and campaigns that encourage annual mammograms — creating awareness for early detection and new revenue potential!

In the classified advertising world, one of the most prevalent verticals is real estate. From sellers listing their homes, to agents listing their clients homes; but rarely do we see agents promoting their services exclusively to buyers. There are several different types of buyer’s agents, a few are: Exclusive Buyer Agents, Single Agency Buyer Agents and the traditional Buyer’s Agent.

Last week we explored the growing Latino demographic in the U.S. Market research shows that this demographic is more apt to read newspapers and, in fact, that Spanish-language newspapers are faring better in this economy than their English-language counterparts. Because of that, it might behoove you to focus on the Hispanic population in your area and create specialty products and advertising directly targeted to Hispanics — which will help you to gain more revenue.

Download this infographic of the Hispanic target audience.

Yesterday marked the first day of Hispanic Heritage Month in the U.S., a month-long celebration of Hispanic and Latino citizens. In light of that, we’re paying special attention to this growing demographic. According to the 2010 U.S. Census, the Latino population grew to more than 50 million — more than double its size in 1990 and up 46.3 percent since 2000. Latinos also happen to be the nation’s youngest ethnic group, with a median age of 27. The population is increasingly becoming more U.S.-born, with majority being bilingual.

Last week we covered the first part of Janet DeGeorge’s Building Real Estate Revenue webinar, where she emphasized the importance of breaking down and analyzing your market statistics and how to formulate your print and online product packages. In this part, we’ll discuss how to redesign your Real Estate section to attract Realtors® and put the emphasis back on your local market.

As the real estate market stands nearly stagnant post-recession, there are some homes left listed while others are receiving offers. So what’s the difference between these homes? And, why is it important to you as a newspaper sales rep? As many agents oft say, the riposte has very little to do with the home itself. So why are they still sitting on the market? Likely the answer lies within the poor quality of the marketing of the home. Help the agents and sellers in you community promote their listing appropriately by knowing the biggest marketing mistakes, and advising them on what to do to fix them.

As the 10-year anniversary approaches of one of the most tragic days in our country’s history, many advertisers are found in a tough position. The decision to run ads while on a 9/11 anniversary, especially one as significant as the 10th anniversary, is difficult; forcing advertisers to think of new strategies and designs. They need to find a balance, striking a perfect middle, to ensure that their ad shows sensitivity and remembrance, steering far away from signs of exploitation. Attempts have been made in the past, some good and some bad, when running ads during the anniversaries of 9/11. We hope to change that by providing tips to show how this daunting task can be accomplished successfully. 

As the crisp fall air is beginning to circulate the country, it’s time for many of your readers to begin thinking about storage for their summer “toys.” Although it’s a tad early to lock up the motorcycle and tarp a boat, the weeks after Labor Day, following all the way into mid-October, is the ideal time to begin advertising storage facilities and services.

This past August 16, 2011, due to great demand, Brainworks hosted the second in a continuing series of webinars with Janet DeGeorge. This month’s focus: Building Real Estate Revenue. DeGeorge acknowledged that increasing revenue in this downtrodden market can be difficult and suggested expanding your approach. You need to breathe new life into your real estate product and draw the interest of the Realtors®. In her webinar, DeGeorge focused on four necessary components to reinvent a Real Estate section: Market Stats, Print and Online Product Packages, Design and Focused Local Advertorial and Real Estate Daily Deals. We’re going to cover this webinar in two parts. The first part will focus on breaking down market stats and product packages.

It is a sales rep’s job to guide classified advertisers into creating the most effective ad possible for their vertical. The task is no different when selling recruitment ads. It’s important that you have the knowledge of what drives potential hires to submit their resume. The advertisers don’t want a million submissions; they just want that one perfect candidate to apply. In the following, we’ll show you how to attract the right type of applicant with effective recruitment ads.