Business information written specifically for newspaper advertising departments

Newspapers have traditionally been a print-oriented medium, and some have been reluctant to make the leap to an online presence. And for those that have, the advertising doesn’t always follow suit. Advertising reps tend to overlook the value of online ads, and simply push the print aspect. But with the changing times, it’s important for newspapers to widen their scope when it comes to advertising and realize that their website can be valuable real estate.

Whether it’s just starting out or an established restaurant, advertising is the key to any successful business. If a restaurant has been around for awhile, there is a tendency to cut back on advertising — especially in these difficult economic times — however, suggests that this is exactly the time to step up marketing efforts. Word-of-mouth isn’t quite as reliable these days, and unless a restaurant is new, people won’t necessarily have a reason to come out and try it again.

Advertising open houses in the local paper is one of the most resourceful ways to promote an agents listing. Classified open house locators drive local readers to your advertisers’ preview. Include a map for homebuyers that live nearby to recognize the benefits of the location.

Knowing how to deal with clients is a necessity in the real estate business. Any business that requires interaction with the public demands patience and understanding; real estate is no exception. An agent needs to know how to work with clients both professionally and intellectually. As an agent, you deal with people of all walks of life, ones that know nothing about the business and tell you so, ones that are truly intelligent in the industry, and those that think they know about the trade, because they’ve watched a TV show about it.

Niche Publications are growing trends in both print and online advertising.  I’m a strong believer in niches, especially for sales.  Look at Amazon, they have become a household name and carry a warehouse full of inventory.  But in the beginning, they had books.  That’s all, only books.  That was their niche. They grew because they had a solid group of followers that were interested in books. They found out what more their clients wanted, and slowly added movies, art, music, games, electronics and so on. They were specific and customer driven. So how does this translate to a newspaper sales staff? It’s all about how you approach your clients.  Find your niche in the classified world. 

Nearly a year ago, the staff at the Brainerd Daily Dispatch in Brainerd, Minnesota was facing declining classified products in Employment, Real Estate, and Automotive, as were many newspapers around the country. In October 2009, they took action and a year later they’re seeing a 20% increase in revenues.  

Transportation advertisers worldwide are facing the struggles of the chaotic economic situation and the increasing emissions, despite cleaner vehicles.  In Europe, advertisers are beginning to promote the creation of electric vehicles to reduce costs and emissions.

With the cooler weather approaching, we’re getting ready to face the changing needs of the advertisers in the newspaper industry.  Advertisers will be looking to you to show them creative ways to engage their customer within their ads.

As a standard sales procedure, it’s advised that you “do your homework” about a client prior to meeting with them. There are numerous things anyone should know about tires, not only from a sales standpoint, but also from a vehicle owner’s eyes.

There is a plethora of information for advertising sales representatives when it comes to storing vehicles for the winter.  If you live in a four-season climate, it’s advisable individuals owning “summer” vehicles, including: convertibles, light sports cars, collectors vehicles, motorcycles and water vehicles, keep them in a safe from light, moisture, temperature extremes and vermin in storage.

The consistent goal of advertising has been to attract more of your most valuable customers.  For newspapers, that goal has recently turned to new media trends to aid in the outreach.  Online advertising has become a phenomena in marketing strategizes for even the smallest of industries.  But, with the overwhelming array of choices the internet brings to the consumer, people are becoming increasingly distracted and overly particular on where they want to spend their time and money.