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Work Language

How to connect with you co-workers

There is a notion that in relationships, you are supposed to model your behavior toward your partner based on the way he or she understands love. There are several different love “languages” ranging from positive reinforcement to physical contact. Although this philosophy applies to romantic relationships, it can also be applied to work relationships. In work situations, you may, however, want to lay off the physical contact.

You spend a lot of time with your co-workers, so your relationships with them need to work as well. So, when trying to find the best way to get along with your co-workers, look to the advice you may also take when handling your other relationships.

For example, if your closest co-worker seems to become sad or depressed when approached with negative feedback, he is likely influenced by words. If you notice that he frequently does good work, praise him for it when you have the opportunity. Or, if you are in a management position, try to use positivity when discussing problems with this employee. Although it may feel like you are coddling him, if he functions better with positive reinforcement, you both will likely benefit from your positivity.

People also have different working styles. It’s important to understand that while one worker may function better with music, or other background noise, another may not. So, encourage your employees to nurture their own work ethics and styles. By doing so, you may lose a stuffy office environment, but you will also garner better work from more satisfied and productive employees.

It may sound tedious to discover the tendencies in your employees and co-workers that help them thrive. But, by doing so, you will help guarantee that others in your workplace are happy and productive. If you are not management, your careful handling of other co-workers in a positive manner will help those above you recognize valuable management skills in the future. On the other hand, if you are in a management position, you are more likely to have employees that admire your management style and will return the favor with honest and positive feedback.