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Twitter Rolls Out Comprehensive Business and Advertising Solutions

If you want to be the go-to Twitter expert in your community, its new business site is a good place to start your own education.


Twitter has been the part of many a marketing-strategy conversation, but within the past month, the microblogging site and social network has made major strides to solidify its place in the marketing world. It started with the reissue of its “Twitter for Business” site. The new and improved version offers more resources to educate businesses on how to best use the site for their purposes.

If you want to be the go-to Twitter expert in your community, this is a good place to start your own education. According to’s article, “Newly Relaunched Twitter for Business,” the site breaks up its content into sections based upon benchmarks in using Twitter. Firstly, it lays out how to create an effective Tweet; secondly, how to attract followers and engage with other users; thirdly, the site offers examples of others who have successfully leveraged the site; fourthly, the tools you need to advertise on the platform; and lastly, it offers a guide to using Twitter analytics to measure your impact on the site.

Even more recently, Twitter announced that its advertising solutions are no longer invite-only, and are now open to the general public. According to TechCrunch, Twitter’s Senior Director of Product for Revenue Kevin Weil commented on the release, “We’ve had brands and agencies, thousands of small businesses using the platform but all on an invite-only basis. Today we’re taking the next step and opening up Twitter ads to everyone in the U.S.” He continued, “Businesses have been on Twitter since day one and we’re really excited that today every business in the U.S. is going to be able to leverage the power of Twitter advertising, either through Promoted Accounts to build a loyal follower-base, or through Promoted Tweets to reach a broader audience.”

Promoted Accounts put businesses’ accounts at the top of the list of suggested “People to Follow,” while Promoted Tweets keep the businesses’ Tweets at the top of users’ feeds — both viable ways to make connections on the site. Twitter also recently announced that businesses can now target their Tweets based upon data like keywords used in Tweets or users who have engaged with a particular Tweet.

Now all businesses can buy advertising on Twitter using its self-serve platform. They can choose to target a particular geographical location, specific users based upon their interests, and then choose the ad they want and their budget.

It’s important for both your paper and your clients to get involved in the conversations happening on Twitter in order to engage your customer base that is active on the site. The new business solutions could be an ally to you and your clients, while the site’s new advertising solutions may seem like your competition. It’s a complicated relationship, to be sure, but it’s crucial to stay informed on the latest developments in social media and adapt your own strategy and your client offerings accordingly.