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Top Applications for House Hunters

House hunters could greatly benefit from having a resource like this list of apps in your real estate section. You could sell sponsorships on this page or real estate-related advertisements surrounding the list.


Smartphones are an increasing trend in our society. In 2012, Nielsen, a leading information and measurement company, conducted research that found that an astonishing 50.4 percent of U.S. citizens are using smartphones. This statistic is evidence that emerging technologies and innovations are making a strong presence in our society, and changing the ways we are conducting business and daily life. Smartphones are very convenient and useful in that they contain such features as the Internet and having applications, better known as “apps.” Apps are beneficial because they can simplify and increase efficiency in conducting tasks, such as researching, looking up information and many more.

Nevertheless, with all the technological advancements, there are millions of apps out there and it can be a daunting task to filter through them to find the ones most useful and relevant to you and your needs. Apps are often categorized into groups of what they are most useful for, and a lot of them are created with the intent of simplifying complex tasks. However, it is always extremely convenient and beneficial to have things displayed in an easy-to-digest manner, which is why a compilation of tested and proven apps could be a great resource for you to provide to your readers. For instance, house hunters could greatly benefit from having a resource like this list of apps in your real estate section. You could sell sponsorships on this page or real estate-related advertisements surrounding the list.

Below are some of the smartphone apps that you could feature that are different from the typical apps that simply provide real estate listings. These apps will be of great use for house hunters in all aspects of their search for their next home. This app provides an easy-to-use mortgage calculator, and has a current daily average of interest rates for different types of mortgages. You can also enter data regarding your personal financial and credit situation and immediately receive quotes for loans from a variety of lenders. This also provides access to many articles about real estate and mortgage markets.

Home Buying Power: This is essentially a calculator that allows you to assess how much you can afford to pay on a monthly basis by inputting data like your desired down payment, loan term and other values.

Dictionary of Real Estate Terms: A lot of the jargon used in the real estate market can get confusing and appear daunting. Having a real estate term dictionary on hand can be a perfect way to clarify terms you need during your house-hunting search.

Suburb Scout: This app is a great resource for determining possible nuisances in various suburbs, such as nearby airports, landfills, sewage-treatment plans and more.

Crime Stats: Using FBI data, this application is very useful for viewing factors such as crime rates in various cities. It also has the capability to compare the statistics for your city to others as well as national averages.

SiteWise: This app is very important to use because it provides you with the demographics for your prospective home’s area and the surrounding areas. It utilizes census information to create a demographic report that tells you information like population, education, number of children, renters versus owners and more.

Walk Score: This app is really nice because it ranks attractions — like restaurants, pubs and more — on a scale up to 100, based on how walkable it is. The higher the score, the more walkable the neighborhood it is.

Around Me: Provides audiences with the distances from a house to various amenities, such as grocery stores, convenient stores, post offices, banks, etc.

Photo Measures: By simply taking photos of a room and saving it, you can add measurements and dimensions to the photos. This comes in handy during house tours when you are doing walkthroughs and the Realtor® gives details on a room, and you want to record those details to help you make decisions later.

ColorSmart: This app is absolutely wonderful because after taking a photo you can fill the walls with various paint colors, so you can picture what the colors will look like when they are actually applied to the wall.

Collectively, the partnership between featuring apps in newspapers for specific purposes can be lucrative to both the client and the advertisers. It is highly beneficial as well to do research and find useful apps, such as the ones listed above, for various house-hunting needs.