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Remembrance of Things Past

This year, embrace the spirit of these traditional holidays by paying tribute to those who have passed away over the last year.

November marks the beginning of the holiday season. As you walk through your city’s streets, you’re greeted with lights, decorations and sales. The hustle and bustle of holiday shopping is starting to settle in this month, culminating in Black Friday and Cyber Monday. And, of course, let’s not forget that on top of that, this month we give thanks for all that is good in our lives. But there’s another, bittersweet aspect to the holiday season that is often overlooked; it brings with it nostalgic memories of childhood and, often, of those we’ve lost. Particularly, those who have recently passed within the last year. November actually paves the way for this nostalgia by dedicating the start of the month to remembering lost loved ones.

All Saints’ Day, All Souls’ Day, and Día de los Muertos (or, The Day of the Dead) take place during the first two days of November. While all holidays were founded in religious traditions (clearly, All Saints’ Day commemorates the lives of all known and unknown saints), they’ve been embraced worldwide as a time to remember loved ones. The traditional Mexican holiday Día de los Muertos, in particular,has spread into popular culture and is observed non-denominationally in many countries throughout the world.

This year, embrace the spirit of these traditional holidays by paying tribute to those who have passed away over the last year. While it’s too late to do this at the start of November, it is often better suited as a year-end tribute. One way to commemorate those we’ve lost is with a special section with pictures, bios and memories. You could publish in black and white and offer a color upsell. If publishing a separate section doesn’t appeal to you or seems costly, there are other ways to do this. You could dedicate a page in your Sunday paper, where people can run their dedication. You could do this for the months of November and December. Dedicating a spot on your website is another great option, so people can share their tribute with family and friends outside of the community. Another holiday-spirited tribute is a Tree of Remembrance. EZAdsPro’s Sales Manager Greg Ludlow remembers a community funeral home that did just that. “They put up a tree in their lobby and allowed the public to come in and hang commemorative ornaments dedicated to their lost family members,” he recalls. This is easily adaptable, and something you can even do in your newspaper’s lobby. While it may not provide revenue, it will bring you community goodwill this holiday season.