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PressReleaseQ Follow-Up

How Newspapers Can Use and Profit From PressReleaseQ
Press releases get seen, get read and link back the poster’s brand and local newspaper. All you have to do is use it.

A few months ago, we spoke with Bill Ostendorf from Creative Circle Media Consultations about PressReleaseQ and how it can be used to redirect press releases back to newspapers and away from pure play sites. Since press releases, Similar to other newspaper verticals, press releases were once submitted to newspapers in abundance but have since gone the way of pure plays. Ostendorf and his company developed a solution that would bring press releases back, and in a more powerful way than pure plays can. Not only does PressReleaseQ allow the header of a press release to tick by on a newspaper homepage banner, but also its affiliation with a local newspaper actually helps optimize the poster’s release.

By optimizing press releases for search engines, PressReleaseQ takes advantage of newspaper’s local authority status in the search engines and gives them a leg up on the pure play powerhouses of press release publication. This means that press releases get seen, get read and link back the poster’s brand and local newspaper. All you have to do is use it.

Osterndorf said it’s easy to sell PressReleaseQ because its low price point offers so many incredible benefits, and it can also be offered on a subscription basis. Where posting one press release might cost $70, a year’s subscription would run about $300 and would allow unlimited postings. This means that once you posted four press releases, any subsequent ones are essentially free.

Also, because the Internet is essentially an infinite database of unlimited space, there is no word limit, character count or press release maximum. PressReleaseQ is especially good for:

Real Estate Agents

Because real estate agents often receive accolades for their work and want their communities to know that they are top notch, PressReleaseQ can help not only get their press release published, but also help optimize their agency website, funneling more web traffic to their virtual door.


Contractors can use this product to advertise when they have finished a development or subdivision, or before they begin work, to notify the community of their plans. They, like real estate agents, can also publish their accolades for the community to view.

Event Planners

Events need press releases. You, with the help of PressReleaseQ, are an expert at press releases. It’s a match made in heaven.

Art Galleries

Art galleries have been hit hard by the recession because their product is only purchased as a surplus to needs. However, art galleries are still obligated to advertise their openings, and therefore could take advantage of year-long subscriptions to both advertise their artists and optimize their websites.