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Planning a Student Signing Event With an Apartment Complex

Create a customized bundle-advertising package, including: Print ads; Online ads; Mobile ads; Business-to-business brochures; Campus brochures

If you live in a college town, it’s about that time again; winter break! Students are gone, and your town has a moment of quiet before the chaos of the semester begins again. These crazy kids are sometimes a pain, but they do a great deal for the economy in the area. And, while some of them call the dorms home, many of them move off campus into local area apartments. So, how do you, the advertising sales rep, help the students spend their money in your community and find their home as the new semester approaches? Work with an apartment complex to raise recognition by hosting events to sign new residents.

Approach the apartment complex with a plan of action, to make the event as easy as possible for the complex. Have a customized bundle-advertising package available to them, including print, online and mobile ads, business-to-business brochures and the same brochures around campus.

Video games are the college student’s favorite procrastination. Use that to the apartment complex’s advantage. Create frenzy over a contest using a popular video game. With the weather getting colder, this is the perfect indoor activity that can still draw a crowd. You can even hold the event at a local restaurant or bar to draw an even larger crowd. Give away a much-desired prize to the winner, like free rent, or a reduced rate, and a smaller prize to all registered participants.

Work with the complex to host a fun run or 5k in the fitness center of their building. They can use treadmills, an elliptical, bikes; whatever the center has! If they have multiple fitness rooms, hold it complex wide, with officials in each room. Advertise both online and in print, and have students register at the newspaper’s website to bring traffic to your site. This not only gets the complexes name out, but it also shows off the facility.

What do students love to do more than anything? EAT! Especially if they can eat for free! The complex can host a resident’s only pizza party that has raffles and special sign-up bonuses for the upcoming semester. Allow residents to bring friends, but have them sign-in with both their name and email address so the complex can follow-up contact with them. Advertise the event on the newspaper’s website and in the print publication, and create flyers to post around campus.