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Network by Joining a Club

Broaden the spectrum of people you could possibly call upon in the future by joining a local professional organization or group.

As a newspaper sales rep, you must always look for new networking opportunities to widen your pool of contacts. Broaden the spectrum of people you could possibly call upon in the future by joining a local professional organization or group. Attending meetings or even working your way up the ranks is a great way to build relationships with possible advertisers that you may not have otherwise met. We’ve provided a few tips to make the most of participating in a professional club.


If you have decided to join a professional organization in your area, you must do your research rather than arbitrarily pick one. If you don’t take the time to pick the club best suited to you and your needs, then it will be a waste of time as opposed to a chance to network. The club of your choice doesn’t have to be made up of members of your profession, but it should be something that interests you and that could potentially host prospective clients. Learn as much as you can about local groups and narrow it down to one that meets your professional goals and personal interests. Meet with the group’s president or leaders, not only to learn more about the group, but to possibly build relationships with influential members from the get-go as well.

Go It Alone

As previously mentioned, you should choose a group that isn’t made up of your professional peers. This will heighten the chances of making new contacts rather than drawing from a pool that has already been tapped.  Likewise, if you “go it alone,” you will most likely be the only or at least one of the only of a few representatives from your field. This will help you prove yourself as an expert and a valuable resource in the industry. Moreover, you may be able to learn something new from the other members of the group, thus improving your skillset.

Attain and Maintain Contact Information

When socializing at meetings, make conversation with the members. Ask them questions about their professions and lives and learn about their advertising needs. Make sure to get a business card or write down their phone number and email address. After a successful meeting and networking experience, go home and copy your new contact information and pertinent facts. This way, you will be organized and prepared for your next encounter, or if you want to do business with them in the future.

Take on a Leadership Position

Once you have established yourself as a member, consider applying for a leadership role within the club. This will be another way to prove your capabilities as a professional and a leader. When seeking business with members, they will know your work ethic and trust your business sensibilities.

Build Lasting Relationships

It’s not about networking with as many members as possible, because, chances are, the more you meet, the less substantial the relationships. Instead, focus on making fewer, but stronger, relationships with fellow club members. Take the time to get to know the members you converse with, that way you will find a common ground from which to grow. A solid foundation could lead to a business relationship in the future.