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Low on Recruitment Ads?

Make your space work for you
Although you want to showcase your open jobs, you also don’t want to overshadow the advertisers that paid money to be there.

Although fall is prime time for hiring — schools need teachers and retail stores are gearing up for the holiday season — sometimes your recruitment section just won’t make the cut. While there are many different solutions for beefing up this section of your classifieds, one you may not have tried is marketing your own openings. Just because you won’t necessarily gain immediate revenue from printing these positions, there are multiple reasons why you can gain much more than you thought from this recruitment section move.

For starters, you will be able to witness first hand the success an ad has in your paper based on the amount of responses you would from placing an ad yourself. Instead of trying to gather the metrics and analytics from your advertisers, this will allow you too see the impact of your department from start to finish.

You will also be able to fill a lackluster recruitment section and help make your section look like prime real estate, so to speak. By using your own in-house recruitment ads to help bolster your internal work force, your section will look both ripe and popular.

Not only will your section look full and inviting, you also show your customers and readers that you have faith in newspaper advertising and truly believe it works. Nothing says quality quite like a salesperson using the thing he sells.

Another perk of advertising your own positions will be the pool of responses. Since newspaper readers will be the ones sending in their applications, you will know that the applicants lining up to hand in their résumés not only read your newspaper, but also believe in the power of advertising.

You will want to walk a fine line, however, if you decide that advertising your own open positions is the right move. You want to showcase your jobs with demonstrated faith in your product, and not cause people to think that you’re both over-selling your position and product. Here are some tips for making the organization of your recruitment section look seamless.

Follow the Leader

Keep your ads small. Don’t go hog wild promoting yourself, and keep in mind the size of the other ads on the page. If all the other ads on the page are modest in size, keep to the trend your customers are establishing. Too large of an ad will look like you’re simply trying to fill open space. Also look to the design of the other ads on the page: Are they in color? If so, design your ad in color as well. Although you want to showcase your open jobs, you also don’t want to overshadow the advertisers that paid money to be there.

Mix It Up

If you have multiple positions open, don’t list them all in the same space. Pepper them throughout your section to break up the concentration of self-serving ads. If your section is alphabetical or organized by business title, try using the title of the job or department to mix up your list order.

Be Conservative

Remember, your paper product does have limited space, so only print your own ads if you can’t fill it. Yes, it is good to demonstrate value in your product, but if people are lining up to buy space from you, don’t be stingy!