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Low-Cost Sales Incentives

Five low or no cost ways to motivate your sales team
In today's economy, can you really afford monetary-based sales incentives? Take a look at five of our top motivational tools.

1. A day off. Reward your employees by giving them an unexpected day off—this is great for anyone, but especially for parents whose children have a half day or no school that day. If you can’t afford to have them miss work completely, allow them to telecommute for a day.

2. Recognition. Recognize or congratulate employees’ small achievements in front of co-workers, making them feel special. You can also reward them with low-cost tokens, such as small gift cards, movie passes, etc.

3. Free food. Small gestures like bagels in the morning or a pizza party in the afternoon can show your employees that they are appreciated.

4. Hold an event for no reason. Create an event—whether it’s to celebrate a holiday, something you made up, a company picnic or a quiz/contest
day—and take the afternoon to celebrate. Have employees bring in snacks from home and treat them to a few pizzas on the company’s dime.

5. Say “thank you.” Show your appreciation by saying “thank you” for a job well done. You could do this by leaving a handwritten note on their desk, thanking them personally, or thanking their family members for supporting and sharing their loved ones with you.