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Introducing AppVault

AppVault's Andy Miller explains why newspapers should use AppVault to host virtual career events.

Ex-Monster employees Tom Daly (C.E.O.) and Keith Douglas (Executive VP of Sales) founded AppVault in 2001. They both worked at Monster during the initial phases and helped develop it into what it is today. AppVault was created with a focus on helping traditional media print companies find new opportunities for revenue growth in previously unidentified areas. Relying on over 30 years of experience in all forms of media, its expertise and passion is building multi-platform solutions that extend the advertising offerings of their partners — ranging from newspapers and magazine partners to universities — and add new streams of income to their operations.

AppVault originated with the Response Manager, which is a tool that enables media companies to capture print, online and mobile responses from jobseekers and prompts them to submit additional information beyond the resume. Response Manager enables employers to quickly identify quality responses and spend less time sorting through resumes during the hiring process. In 2007 AppVault launched its first Virtual Career Event, since then it has launched over 350 successful events nationwide.

Andy Miller joined the AppVault team in 2007 as a client services manager to the Los Angeles Newspaper Group. Later, as the business development manager, Miller helped launch mobile recruitment solutions with media companies such as, The Philadelphia Inquirer, The Chicago Sun-Times and the Charleston Post & Courier. I recently had the opportunity to talk to Miller about AppVault’s VCE events and how they can help media companies leverage on the growing job market.

With an emphasis on quality over quantity, Miller told me that AppVault’s goal is to provide hiring tools to help employers find talent. Through their VCE platform, employers receive qualified candidates and media companies receive “a nice, incremental revenue generator,” Miller said. AppVault provides the platform, media companies just “do what they do best” — by promoting and selling it.

AppVault offers two methods for hosting a virtual career fair: a multiple-employer VCE and a single-employer VCE, and there are benefits for both. Miller explained that a multiple-employer event works best when it’s posted for five to 14 days. Within the multi-employer event, you can group up to six categories and allow for featured employer upsells. Employers are listed with focused links that allow jobseekers to view what positions are available, the company bio, the business location, as well as a video about the company (which the newspaper can sell as an added-value). Whereas a single-employer event is best if confined to three to five days. Miller added that healthcare is the biggest industry for a single-employer career event.

Virtual Career Events are good for media, jobseekers and employers alike: employers receive qualified candidates, media gets upsell opportunities (they can sell banner ads to both participating companies and non-participating businesses, like universities) and jobseekers get to attend at their own convenience. VCEs are “perfect for those with disabilities, like veterans,” Miller said. “It’s the ideal platform for those who can’t easily attend.”

AppVault is a white-label vendor, meaning it can be fully branded to the newspaper; all messaging is branded to the media. It puts interactivity at the forefront, with a “chat now” feature, social media integration, mobile-optimized websites and an “apply now” button that leads to a customizable form that requests contact information and responses to an industry-related questionnaire. Candidates can choose to apply to all jobs at once or be selective. Employers can calculate the R.O.I. and utilize a matching solution (if the newspaper is not a Monster client) that allows them to view local candidate’s profiles.           

This is a local solution, fully branded to the newspaper, which allows the media company to offer a relevant, digital solution to local employers, and garner new revenue.