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The Ide(a)s of March

Spring, and the end of the second quarter, is just around the corner! As we prepare for the numbers to come in, rejuvenate your sales strategy for the advertising department.

Spring, and the end of the second quarter, is just around the corner! As we prepare for the numbers to come in, rejuvenate your sales strategy for the advertising department. Keep your department on their toes by spring-cleaning your sales staff’s accounts; reassign inactive accounts from veteran and rookie sales reps alike. 

Also, use our ideas, and come up with your own using the Business Building Calendar to find new ways to generate new and increased revenue. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box this season, the market is revolutionizing; your ideas may be the next industry changer!

Newspaper in Education Week

What it is:

Newspaper in Education Week is an annual program held during the first full school week of March (this year starting on March 5). This international program began in 1955 to advance the use of newspapers in schools and education. The program’s main initiatives are to improve reading, writing and spelling abilities in school-aged adolescents.

Last year, the NAA Foundation provided schools with a teacher’s guide, an in-paper ad and a website banner ad during the celebratory week. With the Newspaper in Education Week, the NAA strives to expose the youngest generations to an ever-evolving range of subjects and give teachers valuable and effective resources to teach both core and enrichment topics while engaging student with real-life information and experiences.  

Traditionally, the Newspaper in Education program has been solely in print, however now, with the full engulfment of online and mobile technologies, the program is able to adapt to teachers’ needs and appeal to students’ interests.     

How to make money:

The best way to make Newspaper in Education successful is to sell sponsorships. During this week, run special programs and pricing for advertisers wishing to contribute to the program. One sponsorship idea is to host an advertorial lesson plan on your website. This advertisement can be created by the marketer or by the classified sales department, in collaboration with local teachers. For example, a math lesson can run online and include interactive activities, like quizzes and puzzles. These lessons can be used in the classroom or as extra credit homework assignments for students, not only benefitting the future of your local community, but also promoting the advertiser’s name to students and parents, both whom are influential local consumers, not to mention the additional revenue it adds to your bottom line.

Another idea takes a bit more planning, but could pay off substantially. Have an advertiser host a field trip to the newspaper to learn about the development of a mobile strategy. Teens today have been scientifically proven to have an addiction to their mobile devices. Use that to your advantage by showing how mobile works. Engulfing students into the technologies they use helps them understand and prepares them for a career, potentially in your field! Furthermore, this helps solve the long-asked question of “how to make newspaper’s ‘cool’ again.” Mobile is cool, and selling sponsorships to bring a class in not to mention additional mobile campaigns for the program that will help them discover the dexterity of the technology can increase revenue, community goodwill and overall “coolness.”

St. Patrick’s Day

What it is:

St. Patrick’s Day is an Irish holiday celebrated globally to honor the patron saint of Ireland, Saint Patrick. Although there is much ambiguity regarding the factual history of Saint Patrick, he is the figure most prominently known for bringing Christianity to Ireland. Because of this, Irish families traditionally attend church in the morning of March 17, and celebrate all afternoon. And while the day falls in the middle of the Christian season of Lent, Lenten prohibitions are waived and consumption is not only allowed, but encouraged.

The traditional feast of St. Patrick’s Day is corned beef and cabbage, although substitutions of Irish bacon, sausage or most meat are common. The day is a secular celebration of Irish culture. Cities worldwide hold St. Patrick’s Day parades and festivities to mark the holiday. In the U.S. alone there are over 100 annual parades marking the occasion, with several people participating in the “wearing of the green” and drinking traditional Irish stouts and ales.

How to make money:

Irish pubs are a safe place to start when looking to advertise this holiday. While all bars are prone to special celebrations this March, the Irish pubs often host their own parades and include traditional bands in their celebratory festivities. Sell tickets to the events planned by your local pub, and run an online build-up-to-St.-Patty’s-Day campaign.

An online campaign can include trivia questions about the pub, Irish culture and Irish beer for interactivity. And, don’t forget about the countdown to party time! Also, including a picture contest to encourage readership and community involvement gives you substantial reasons to price the package at a premium cost.