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How to Create Coupons for Facebook Pages

With just a little time and effort, Apps, like the ones listed here, will help you create incentives for promotion that will benefit both the customer and the business.

Everyone loves free stuff, and everyone loves to snag a deal. The use of coupons and deals as incentives in businesses is not a novel idea, but incorporating these incentives into clients’ social media platforms is. As social media impacts the way we do business more and more, it’s imperative to integrate social media into your clients’ marketing strategies. One way to do that is offering deals on Facebook. Since the Facebook Fan Page has already proven to be a great “landing site” for businesses, take it one step further by using Apps to create coupons for these Pages.

Why Use It

Another reason for customers to be a fan of your client’s Page is to stimulate brand loyalty, which can convert fans into sales. Both Pretzel Crisps and Sears, for example, have demonstrated that using Facebook coupons increases fans and consumers. Facebook coupons have a large reach to customers, and therefore have a very high redemption rate. In a TNW Social Media article, blogger Lauren Fisher highlights the boost in sales and fans for Pretzel Crisps with the launch of a Facebook coupon promotion. The company’s fans grew from “5,000 to 12,000 in just 36 hours.” By the end of the promotion, its fans totaled 62,000 users and its overall sales grew by 93 percent for July 2011. The company only offered a $1-off coupon. Small businesses can use this as an example of different incentives that wouldn’t impact profit margins or budgeting. Sears offered a $10 coupon for in-store use after customers supplied information and e-mail addresses. This is a way to collect demographic information on your consumers. With the EasyPromos App, for instance, you can require users to supply gender, date of birth, e-mail, phone number and country. You can also use this App to turn coupons into contests, which is another way local businesses can offer incentives without spending too much.

App Spotlight

There are dozens of Facebook Apps created specifically for generating coupons for Facebook Pages. Most of them are free — for basic account services — while some offer premium or advanced accounts with added features for a fee. For small businesses, the basic account is generally satisfactory. Below are some examples of Coupon Apps that have been well received by brands on Facebook.

The social marketing company Involver (which can be found by searching “Involver” in the Facebook search bar) offers an array of different Apps, including Klout Couponsand the basic Coupon App (found by clicking “Involver Applications” on the left-side menu). Another App that is used to create promotions is EasyPromos, which offers an easy-to-use guide that can be found at Each of these Apps function in a similar capacity and allow administrators to either upload an image or use basic text options to make the coupon.

Facebook also offers Check-In Deals as a free service, which can be found by selecting “Edit Page” (logged in as the administrator) and then selecting “Deals” from the left-side menu. From there, you are prompted to create a Check-In Deal for customers who check-in to the business via Facebook. There are several options: individual deals, group deals, loyalty deals and charity deals. You can set the date range, how many times and how often the deal can be redeemed. Using Facebook Check-In Deals will help produce awareness, strengthen customer loyalty and generate in-store traffic. Deals appear on mobile phones when potential customers are nearby, so offering these Check-In Deals can create exposure for the business. You can find more information on Facebook’s Check-In Deals at

How to Use It and Maintain It

The maintenance of these Apps is pretty simple. Each App has a different interface that provides a similar product. The Apps allow you to either upload an image (like a designed flyer/coupon) or create the coupon through basic options (instead of an image, it is just plain text). You can use codes (like 50OFF) or have customers print the coupons themselves. Advanced account users will be offered metrics and tracking analytics in order to fully understand how the promotion is helping business. These metrics will show trends, redemption rates and allow you to monitor user activity. After creation, deals and offers are self-maintained on the Page. You can set the date ranges that these coupons will be available and they will be removed from the Page automatically after they expire.

With just a little time and effort, Apps, like the ones listed above, will help you create incentives for promotion that will benefit both the customer and the business.