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The European Roadmap to Electric

European advertisers promoting electric vehicles
How are newspapers abroad accommodating the dealerships desires to promote electric?

Transportation advertisers worldwide are facing the struggles of the chaotic economic situation and the increasing emissions, despite cleaner vehicles.  In Europe, advertisers are beginning to promote the creation of electric vehicles to reduce costs and emissions.

To reduce the continually rising carbon emissions from road transportation and combat the high prices and security risks of the oil supplies, European countries, including the 27 member states in the European Union (EU), are weighing the options of a transition to primarily electric cars.  It “may provide a viable alternative to traditional internal combustion engines using fossil fuels.  In order to encourage the electrification of road transport, it is necessary to eliminate potential regulatory hurdles and encourage standardization activities on both intra- and extra-vehicle technologies,” reports the European Commission: Enterprise and Industry-Automotive.  

Today’s transportation allows people to travel further, faster and more frequently than in the past. But these allocations have also led to air pollution, economic troubles, congestion and noise. Emissions continue to rise despite the creation of cleaner vehicles. In Europe, advertisers are finding ways to promote the further development of electric cars based off of reducing these factors, while also researching the reasons why people travel.  They are finding that while there are challenges, there are also a number of solutions that can be packaged together.