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Color Me Marketable

How our color choices explain out personalities
You can use this information to help your clients customize and tailor their ads to reflect consumer color choices and personality traits.

While browsing the vast and never ending Internet to uncover interesting and juicy tidbits useful to Above the Fold readers, I came across and article called “Our Smartphones, Ourselves.” This article, written by Erika Morphy, a contributor discussed how out color choices when selecting smartphones is illustrative of our personality traits. Not only are 80% of these choices subconscious, but also they can help to describe much more that just behaviors. Apparently, users of different brands of phones smell differently too. Color me surprised, and also informed. Although, you, in the newspaper ad industry, cannot capitalize on the sale of smartphones, you can use this information to help your clients customize and tailor their ads to reflect consumer color choices and personality traits.

Apparently, people who purchase blue smartphones are “means you are happy, brave and feel confident in your choice.” Choosing pink or magenta on the other hand indicates that you embrace femininity or sympathies with feminists. Other colors like white and black suggest more technologically geared personalities, with white representing the sophisticated user with high expectations and black suggesting a discomfort with technology and desire for comfort. The article does suggest, however, that black can also indicate a default choice for smartphones, as it is standard and makes less of a statement.

The type of phone you use can also suggest personality traits as well. Users of the iPhone are generally “more affluent city dwellers, entrepreneurs, businesspeople, and fashion-conscious users. They also tend to gravitate toward game, utility, and shopping apps.” Android users apparently use the phone for general utility and built-in features.

This article even go so far as to say that your choice of phone might indicate how you smell. Nokia recently did a study with that used information from smartphones for redeemed coupons. The study found that, in general, “Android users are manly-scented, pork-eating, news-reading, bird lovers, while iPhone-users are feminine-smelling, chicken-eating, entertainment-reading fish owners.” This data is very specific, yet does illustrate some of the personality and behavioral traits of specific smartphone users.

Based on the demographics in your area, you may be able to use it information to help your clients create coupons or specific offers, especially if your clients want to attract “feminine smelling, fish owners.”