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Revenue Ideas for November
We have set aside a few other holidays that you may not have considered before, but offer just as many opportunities to generate revenue in your department!

Following the excitement of Halloween, November marks the transition from fall to winter, not to mention the beginning of the holiday season. Newspaper ad departments are certainly not strangers to planning Thanksgiving and Black Friday-themed advertising, and we are not suggesting that you stray from these holidays in your advertising. However, we have set aside a few other holidays that you may not have considered before, but offer just as many opportunities to generate revenue in your department!

Job Action Day


November 5, 2012

What it is:

Job Action Day recognizes the hard work and dedication of both the employed and the job seekers. It seeks to encourage workers to take initiative and make plans in finding their next job or taking the next step in their existing career. Every annual celebration has a theme. In the wake of high unemployment rates, last year’s theme was “Skill Up, Start Up, Speak Up.” The holiday encouraged workers to attain the skills they need in order to progress in their career in the face of a struggling economy.

How to make money:

This Job Action Day, highlight and promote your recruitment section. Approach your advertisers with job openings about organizing a job fair for local job seekers. You could even have booths with job experts offering advice on resume building and interviewing techniques. Caring about the employment within your community is a great wait to demonstrate the reach and resources of your recruitment section as well as express the newspaper’s personal investment in the well being of the community.

America Recycles Day


November 15, 2012

What it is:

America Recycles Day is one day a year to promote and celebrate recycling in the United States.  Although recycling is important all year-round, this holiday encourages awareness within communities all across the country as well as educating on the importance of recycling. With a host of sponsors, including Glad®, Jonson & Johnson and PepsiCo, approximately 2 million people were involved in last year’s celebration with 2,000 events across the country. America Recycles Day’s website ( offers a place to join an event, host an event or find recycling near you.

How to make money:

Getting involved in America Recycles Day and encouraging recycling in your area is a great way to demonstrate your newspaper’s investment in the community and the environment. Go to the America Recycles Day website and check out if there are already events being hosted in your area, and if so, get involved! Offer advertising for the event or seek out sponsorships from your advertisers. If there isn’t already an event planned for your town, be the first. Create a place for residents to bring in their recyclables and then offer them gift cards to local businesses that are participating in the event to reward their recycling.