Business information written specifically for newspaper advertising departments

The Advertorial

The advertorial is just one way of uniting departments to create a new product that addresses the new and emerging needs and desires of the consumers.

For a while now we have been urging you to lay down your arms against your editorial department, and begin cooperating on one united front to save your paper. This is a hard task to accomplish, as individual departments all work hard to meet their own unique demands, and often feel as though other departments don’t understand the pressures single departments face. This scenario, not unique to newspapers, is commonplace in almost all institutions and organizations. It is unique, however, when institutions become more cohesive in order to contribute to the vested interests of the institution as a whole.

That said, what are some ways that you can begin changing your paper for the better, with collaborative efforts that benefit everyone? How about introducing a hybrid product of editorial and advertising: the advertorial. This concept merges the persuasive and informational benefits of editorial with the promotional and revenue-generating aspects of the advertising department.

Today, many people refuse to buy a product they want without reading user-generated reviews; I, myself, scour reviews and product descriptions before throwing down my hard-earned cash for any product, even from brands I frequently buy from. An advertorial can circumvent the concerns of consumers who see an ad on a newspaper’s website, but have no way of determining if the product being advertised is of sufficient quality.

Since an advertorial is paid for by an advertiser, and not organically driven by the writer, it can be perceived as disingenuous. However, if the writer can effectively describe qualities of the product or service, consumers may see a promoted advertorial as much more illuminating than a display ad, which would give them more of an incentive to purchase the promoted product.

The strategy of advertorial versus display ad extracts the present desire on the part of the consumer to know as much as they can about a product before buying it, and magnifies it. By giving the consumer what they desire from user-generated content in an ad, you are not only showing the consumer that you are catering to their shopping desires, but you are also widening the reach of your advertising.

The introduction of an advertorials in your newspaper can begin to unite your sales and editorial staff, as they will begin to work together to sell persuasive writing and ad space to customers, thus both receiving a commission. Not only will individuals within departments begin to work on projects collaboratively, but they will also begin to see how interdepartmental cooperation is a fruitful and lucrative endeavor.

The advertorial is just one way of uniting departments to create a new product that addresses the new and emerging needs and desires of the consumers. Although it is a development of the traditional newspaper format, which ordinarily functions with a marriage of journalism and advertisement, creating a new type of section that hybrids the already existing model could prove to be the perfect way to reach consumers.