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Advertising Storage

The secret to selling boat storage advertising
The weeks after Labor Day, following all the way into mid-October, is the ideal time to begin advertising storage facilities and services.

As the crisp fall air is beginning to circulate the country, it’s time for many of your readers to begin thinking about storage for their summer “toys.” Although it’s a tad early to lock up the motorcycle and tarp a boat, the weeks after Labor Day, following all the way into mid-October, is the ideal time to begin advertising storage facilities and services.

Let’s begin first by doing a little homework on the basics to safekeeping a boat in the cold months. There are three main avenues for storage: backyard, boatyard or indoors. Each method has its benefits; and they all allow for specialty advertising opportunities in some way.

Backyard Storage

Backyard storage is the most popular means of protection for a boat during winter. The convenience of utilizing personal property for winter safety is both economical and relatively simple to do, however, the boat owner must take care when choosing the right cover to avoid any damage or corrosion.

Boat covers range in cost, in a high-end boating community it’s not uncommon to find shops that charge over $2,000 for a custom fit cover. Other less enthusiastic areas also offer custom covers for a nominal fee. There are standard covers available that are less expensive, but in the end a boat owner usually ends up paying more in repair fees if choosing this method.

Targeting the newspaper readers that opt for home storage during the winter enables you to contact both sporting good stores and boat shops. Approach them with knowledge of their industry. Print out their website and bring it with you to the meeting. Sketch a quick draft of an ad for boat covers. This should include their logo and slogan, as well as staying consistent with their color scheme. Ask if they’re running a special event teaching consumers how to properly install a cover and the appropriate measures that must be taken in order to prevent mildew, rust or damage; or even suggest hosting it through the newspaper!

Each method has its benefits; and they all allow for specialty advertising opportunities in some way."

Boatyard Storage

Boatyards oft recommend shrink-wrapping boats during their winter snooze. Shrink-wrapping will keep the boat dry and well ventilated, decreasing the chances of acquiring mildew. To ensure safety of the boat, shrink-wrap must be strong enough to withstand a heavy snow yet ventilated to avoid moisture build-up.

Boatyards specialize in the technique, or there are do-it-yourself kits for boats under 25 feet at marine stores. Although this method of storage is convenient, there are a couple of factors to be aware of before boasting it to the masses. Shrink-wrapping constricts an owner’s ability to work on their boat during the winter. For most, this isn’t a problem, but for some technically inclined boat enthusiasts, this will be a deal-breaker. Boatyards charge by the foot, but the final cost depends on the location of the boatyard. Most are available to provide consumers a quote.

Advertise free quotes for new consumers at a boatyard or marina. Find out if a local marine store is holding any “end of the season” specials and find out specific sale prices. This will encourage the reader to head into the store for a specific special and likely spend more time looking around, and spending more money. You can even suggest running a mobile campaign for your readers; those that bring in the mobile coupon can receive 10 percent off one item.

Indoor Storage

The options for indoor storage are unlimited. Boaters can choose heated or unheated, climate controlled or not. Indoor storage facilities offer the best protection against the elements and allow enthusiasts access to their boat. Of course, this method of storage comes at a price. As the most expensive method on our list, the no-hassle storage is also the most convenient. Many facilities also offer winterization prior to storage!

Again, approach these facilities with knowledge of the services they provide. Each facility offers different services. Print out their website’s landing page, and explore the girth of their site. Customize the concept for the facility, these places are the highest-end options for boaters, they make a pretty penny from their customers, but they need you to draw interest in their facility. Many of the boaters that will be willing to pay the extra price for indoor storage also have a higher level of education. Studies indicate those with a higher level of education also prefer online and mobile technology to print. Use that information in your sales pitch, and encourage using premium spacing or advertising for mobile devices.