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10 Tips and Techniques for Effective Prospecting

Ten tips for effective prospecting: there is a time and place; gain their trust; make a plan; get credibility; forget about failure; focus; talk to your prospect; prospect your market; commit; and work until the end.

Most sales representatives, at some point or another in their career, have had to overcome a struggle of effective and comfortable prospecting. Here are a few tips and techniques to help ease the process of prospecting.

1. Time and Place:
Look for both a time and a place to prospect. Fit your day around your prospecting rather than the converse.  If you neglect to set aside a specific time every day for prospecting are more likely to forgo the search all together, which prevents them from finding new clients and making more money.  Also find a place that you can go to, at the same time every day that is a quiet and controlled environment.

2. Gain Their Trust:
Be considerate of their time, and be completely up-front. People trust those whom are truthful. Make the prospect feel comfortable enough to say “no” which makes them less inclined to.

3. Make a Plan:
Create and follow a plan of action of all your potentials for the day. Plan out tomorrow, today.  Never start your day without a plan to follow. But remember it’s a guide, it has the ability to be flexible, but you still are aiming to finish the goals you lay out in your plan.  The plan helps you have the most energy and intensity when meeting with a prospect, whether it is in person or over the phone. Have control.

4. Get the Credibility:
Establish your credibility, sincerity and authority to your potentials. Your confidence and reliability are exuded through the way you look, speak, carry yourself, your collaborative material and through referrals.

5. Forget About Failure:
It’s tough to get over being declined; it hinders your temptation to further your attempts at prospecting. But, just forget it! We’ve all had the days(/weeks/months) when the results weren’t quite where we would like, but if you stop trying, you’ll stop making money.  Make a fresh start; don’t let the “no’s” bog you down.

6. Focus:
The ability to focus is an acquired skill. By finding a place and time tricks your mind into focusing on your prospect. If it helps to practice to achieve a focused mindset, then apply it! Have the discipline to focus, and it will become a natural daily activity.

7. Talk to Your Prospect:
Communicate to your prospect at the appropriate level. Try to talk to them, rather than at them. The best way to start a conversation is from an inferior position. Eventually you’ll gain their trust, as you establish your credibility using your positive attitude, and become an equal.

8. Prospect Your Market:
Don’t waste your time trying to accumulate potentials that are out of your demographic. Go after your ideal prospects. Don’t know really what that means — that’s a problem — try defining them in every way possible.

9. Commit:
Be faithful to your commitments and goals. Do the prospecting every day, commit to your time and numbers.

10. Work Until the End:
Finish what you start. Don’t celebrate early, and complete your goals. Be strong, focused and faithful. Remember that a call isn’t the end; have a follow-up plan established, mark it on your calendar to call back (gmail has a feature that sends you an email every time you add something to your calendar). End your day, week, month and year with success by putting fourth your best.